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PVC Waterstop

Water insulation, roof insulation, tunnel insulation, basic insulation and more are being resolved with us.
PVC Waterstop



Reinforced concrete constructions have being needed expansion joints which need to keep water or other fluids inside or out because of that we manufacture Ankay PVC waterstop which is a conventional waterstop that can be used in a variety of application.

  -Product Features

• Never discolor concrete
• Prevents water leakage from the concrete joints.
• Recyclable
• High Resistant to -40 C, +70 C
• Welded from the edges with special welding machine
• Resistant to aging, anti corrosive
• Long lived
• Combustion class E
• High tensile and elongation rates


         -Typical Applications For PVC Waterstops Include:

        Water and waste water treatment facilities

  • Dams, lock, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts
  • Brıdges
  • Subway Statıons
  • Ports
  • Swimming pools
  • Tunnels and culverts
  • Foundations
  • Primary and secondary containment structure


Physical Properties of PVC Waterstop

Typical Properties ASTM Method Minimum Value
Water Absorption % D-570  .15
Tear Resistance psi (kg/cm2) D-624 300 (21.1)
Specific Gravity (±0.05) D-792 1.38
Hardness Shore A (±5 10 sec. delay) D-2240 80
Tensile psi (kg/cm2) D-638 Type IV 2000 (140.61)
Elongation %  D-638 Type IV 350
100% Modulus psi (kg/cm2)  D-638 Type IV 725 (50.75)
Brittle (Tb) °F (ºC)  D-746 -35 (-37) Passed
Stiffness in Flexure psi (kg/cm2) D-747 600 (42.1)
Ozone Resistance D-1149 No Failure
Accelerated Extraction, CRD-572
Tensile psi (kg/cm2)  D-638 Type IV 1600 (112.49)
Elongation %  D-638 Type IV 300
Effect of Alkali, CRD-572
Weight Change % -0/+0.25
Change in Hardness Shore A D-2240 5

Montage of Waterstop in Concrete Shear Wall And Into the Middle of Foundation

Montage of Waterstop in Concrete Block

Corner Fittings


thickness of concrete(cm) width of concrete (mm) thickness of waterstop(mm) (min)
20-40 150-200 4
40-50 200-250 5
50-60 250-300 5
60-70 300-350 6
70-80 350-400 7
80-100(ve 100 den büyük) 400-500 8

PVC Waterstop Types and Usage Areas

Application Examples

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