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About Us

Water insulation, roof insulation, tunnel insulation, basic insulation and more are being resolved with us.
Say stop to leakage
Aging gracefully does not just apply to the people, but to consruction as well.



We decided to continue our voyage with Ankay Water Insulation & Plastic Company

while we effort in polymer sector with Premium products and service since 1995.

Ankay Water Insulation & Plastic Company  has been built to produce waterproofing product in  Kayseri / Turkey. Ankay specialize in waterproofing membrane, antibacterial types for pools and drinkable water tanks. 

Now Ankay is leading the sector thanks to R&D investments and investments to the young work-force.

Usage area of our products are insulations of roofs, tunnels, building foundations, drinkable water tanks, pools, floorings, subway projects etc.


The company that innovates to the sector

To become a World leader at waterproof insulation sector with loyal-satisfied partners.


The company that adds value to the sector

To be the preeminen provider of superior waterproof insulation products by consistently improving the quality of our product to add value for clients through innovation foresight.

Your solution partner in isolation

Ankay offers solutions to protect the water exposed parts from the harmful effects of water. Contact Us